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Performance of cryptocurrencies calculated from coinmarketcapwebsite

Five Year Performance Figures

Google 2012 -9.52% | 2013 +58.43 % | 2014 -2.36 % |2015 +46.60 % | 2016 1.86 %

eBay 68.14% | 2013 +7.58 % | 2014 2.29 % |2015 +16.18 % | 2016 8.04%

Amazon 44.93% | 2013 +58.96% | 2014 -22.18 % |2015 117.78 % | 2016 10.95%

Frontier Tech Investment #1 2012 +16.55% | 2013 +42.35% | 2014 +19.36% | 2015 +1.45% | 2016 +21.47%

Frontier Tech Investment #2 2012 +5.91% | 2013 -21.68% | 2014 +37.72% | 2015 +3.26%| 2016 +16.11%

Frontier Tech Investment #3 2015 +4.24%| 2016 -9.84% Full five year performance figures are unavailable for this company.